Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 08/13/2015

Story by Boyd Duckett

Some days you just have to be thankful you got what you got. . .

Sometimes, in our world of competition bass fishing, there’s only so much you can do.

We started our Elite Series event on the Chesapeake Bay on Thursday. Going into the event, I felt like I’d been fishing pretty consistently. I was coming off a good Northern Open event. I didn’t win, but I finished in the Top 10, which was close enough to have let me pull out the stops and try to finish first. That’s all you can hope for going into an event.

Overall this season, except for about three really bad days, I’ve been pleased.

That brings me to the Chesapeake. Some days you do your best, and there’s not much to show for it. You can make all the right moves, and there’s really nothing you can do to make things better.

That’s the way it is for most of the field at this event. There aren’t enough fish or enough places to find fish.

Compared to the rest of the field, I did ok. Not good – just ok. I’m tied for 39th place, which is about as good as I could hope for since I only caught four fish and had a total (after an eight-ounce penalty) of 9 pounds, 11 ounces. I'm thankful for every ounce.

I’m glad to have it. My goal for tomorrow is not real ambitious. I hope to get five fish that weigh 10 pounds, and that should get me into the Saturday field.

My immediate goal is modest because during this first round 64 out of 106 anglers didn’t catch a five-fish limit of bass. There were a lot of zeros and ones.

This is the similar to the James River and the Delaware River and the Potomac. They are tidal waters, and this time of year at any of those places it’s really, really hard to find fish. I was one of the last boats out, and I caught my fish in an area close to the launch ramp where there were probably 40 other anglers. You couldn’t move. Everybody’s casting right into everybody else’s motors. It’s that crowded.

But here’s another thing about that area. All the top anglers are in there. The guys that caught 14, 15, 16 pounds are in there. So until the well runs dry, the anglers are going to be hanging out in the same place.

So I’m going to go out for the second round and get right in there again. I’ll try to catch 10 pounds, which is possible. In the best-case scenario, I’ll get on a big one or two and the weight might be 14 pounds.

Nothing like trying to grind your way into the 50 cut.

It could be bad, though. There just aren’t that many fish to be caught. A man could zero.