Classifieds Board Terms & Conditions

The purpose of the BZ Classifieds Message Board is to allow the viewers and businesses to sell items and services for sale to the BZ Viewers.

There are several conditions and procedures for using the BZ CLASSIFIED Board:

  • If you want to post a classified message, you must become a member.  The data base has been cleared and if you were a member prior to December 31st, 2009, YOU MUST RE-REGISTER.
  • NOTICE: The BZ will NOT be selling or forwarding member info to other companies. 
  • An E-Mail verifying your information will be sent to the e-mail address you registered.  Once you receive the e-mail, there will be a link in the email to verify your membership.  Click on the link and your membership will be good to go. You will NOT have the ability to post unless your e-mail address has been verified by clicking on the link in the e-mail you recieve.
  • Once you become a member, you must login to be able to post a message or reply to a message.
  • You are NOT allowed to use alias names or nicknames.  If you post, your registered should be used in the post. (No hiding on this board anymore)
  • If you abuse or do not follow the terms of the BZ Board, your login will be blocked and you will not be able to post or reply to messages.
  • All items for sale must be listed on the Classified Message Board.  Individuals will be allowed to posted items for FREE.
  • If you are a current BZ Board Member and want to post a non-business item on the Classified Board, there is NO NEED to register.  Just login using your login information from the BZ Member Borad.
  • If you are already an individual BZ Board Member, there is no reason to register on the Classified Board.

How to Sign Up for a Business Account Membership

  • Companies wanting to post on the Classified Board must register and pay a fee of $200 per year to post information on your company's products or services. 
  • You can register right now and start posting today. (payment info below).  Just click on the "BECOME A MEMBER" on the Classified Board.
  • When you register, make sure you place your company name in the "First Name" field.   
  • If you are a current BZ Member, you need to register your business.  Make sure you use a different e-mail address for your business membership.
  • Once your business membership has been established, you can post your items or services on the BZ Classified Board instantly.
  • You will receive an invoice e-mail with payment information within 24 hours after your first post on the Classified Board.
  • Your company will be allowed to post for 7 days.
  • If payment has not been received within 7 days, your business login will be suspended and your posting privileges will be terminated.

I appreciate all the loyal BZ viewers over the past 15 years and hope everyone understands the changes to the message boards.   Feel free to send any comments or help requests via e-mail at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions for using the BASS ZONE Member Board

The information in The BASSZONE ( is provided as a courtesy by The BASS ZONE (, its affiliates, information providers and content partners. The BASS ZONE, its affiliates, information providers and content partners expressly disclaim any representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information contained, or products or services provided, herein. Persons accessing this information assume full responsibility for the use of this information and understand that The BASS ZONE (, its affiliates, information providers and content partners are not responsible or liable for any claim arising from the use of the information.

Rules for online conduct for The BASS ZONE ( Message Boards and Classified Ads - By using the service, you agree that you will not post any of the following material in bulletin boards, or other forums ("postings"):

  • Subjects which defames, abuses or threatens others.
  • Statements that are hateful or offensive.
  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discussions of illegal activities
  • Unauthorized copyrighted material.
  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.
  • Material that does not pertain to the board given topic.

Monitoring - The BASS ZONE ( shall have the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the content of The BASS ZONE ( , including classified ads and forums, to determine compliance with this Agreement and any operating rules established by The BASS ZONE ( and to satisfy any law, regulation or authorized government request. The BASS ZONE ( shall have the right in its sole discretion to edit, refuse to post or remove any material submitted to or posted on The BASS ZONE ( . Without limiting the foregoing, The BASS ZONE ( shall have the right to remove any material that The BASS ZONE (, in its sole discretion, finds to be in violation of the provisions hereof or otherwise objectionable.

The BASS ZONE ( shall have the right at any time to demand, change or discontinue any aspect or feature including, but not limited to, content, hours of availability, and right of access.

By viewing the board, you agree to the terms and conditions described above.

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