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Moore, OK – Over the past 10 years, Bryan Thrift’s dominance on the FLW Tour and FLW Costa Series has been well documented.   Just check out some of these articles for proof:  

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His career accolades include 55 Top 10 finishes in FLW Tour competition, nine FLW wins, nine Forrest Wood Cup Top 10 finishes, Two FLW Tour Angler Of the Year titles, and 10 consecutive Top 20 finishes in the FLW Tour Angler Of the Year point standings.  

On a consistent basis, Thrift’s explanation of how he scored yet another Top 10 finish against some of the best anglers in the world sounds remarkable similar to a dumpster fire.

(The American Dialect Society named "dumpster fire" as the word of the year for 2016 and defined it as "an exceedingly disastrous or chaotic situation.")

Rarely is he “dialed in.”

Rarely does he have a “specific pattern.”  

Rarely does he “fish a single area.”  

Rarely does he have a “key bait.”

“It’s hard to put a finger on one particular style or type of fishing that has led to my consistency, because there has been pre-spawn tournaments, bed fishing tournaments, tournaments where I fished deep, and tournaments where the fish were in between.  I can’t really narrow it down to one particular style or one particular bait that I have relied on in recent years," Thrift told The BASS ZONE following the 2013 season. 

His recent 7th place finish at the Costa Series Championship on Kentucky Lake is a prime example of how the Shelby, North Carolina pro pulls massive limits out of seemingly thin air, and then masterfully downplays his dominating performances during post-weigh-in interviews.   

He weighed-in a limit for 27-8 on Day One, led the tournament by over 7-pounds, and was nearly 13-pounds ahead of 10th place.  Still, Thrift as just happy to catch a keeper, as he stated in FLW’s November 2nd press release:       

“I had an awful practice; I’m serious. I caught my first one, and I was happy I wasn’t gonna zero. I was legitimately worried about catching keepers. It was that tough.”  (CLICK HERE for the full article)

Thrift boated just two keepers the remaining two days of competition, but his opening round limit was the critical to his seventh Top 10 finish in FLW competition in 2017.  

Here are some other Thrift quotes and tidbits from FLW press releases over the years:   
Thrift claims he wasn’t targeting a specific type of cover or structure, and there wasn’t a pattern behind his success. He cycled through various banks within a 5-mile section near the dam and caught fish on different stuff each day.May 1st, 2017 following a 3rd place finish at the FLW Tour stop on Beaver Lake.  
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 “On the third day, with just 20 boats, I started running new stuff to see if I could find something else developing on the lake . . .” - February 21st, 2017 following a 2nd place finish at the FLW Tour stop on Lake Travis.  
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“I love it. I cast up there where one is supposed to be and he either bites it or he doesn’t. And then I go on to the next one. If I hit enough of spots, I figure I’ll eventually catch a good one.” – September 17th, 2016 following a victory at the FLW Tour on Lake Norman.
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 “I’m not on any kind of pattern. I’m just running new water and fishing what looks good to me at the time. I’m looking for new fish that just moved up.” – March 12, 2016 following an FLW Costa Series win on Santee Cooper.  
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“The key for me was just covering a lot of water and fishing as much as I possibly could.” – May 17, 2015 following an FLW Tour win on Lake Eufaula
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"I feel like I made 100,000 casts each day fishing a crankbait as fast as I could. It really wore me out." – June 9th, 2013 following a 2nd place finish in the FLW Tour on Grand Lake.  
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"With about 10 minutes left in the day I pulled into Prairie Creek, about half a mile from the takeoff, and threw my jerkbait beside a cedar tree. It's sinking down through there, and my line jumps and I catch a 4-pounder right before weigh-in. Hands down, that was the winning fish." –  March 6th, 2011 following an FLW Tour victory on Beaver Lake.  
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Even when Thrift was fishing as a co-angler in the 2005 FLW Costa Series Southeastern Division, he was stringing together massive limits out of seemingly thin air.  In March of 2005, he won the co-angler side of the Costa Series on Santee Cooper and offered up this gem in his post-tournament interview:

"I was kind of lucky this week in that most of the bites I had were pretty big fish." – March 5, 2005.
Article: From Zero to Hero (CLICK HERE)  

Less than two months later, he won yet another Costa Series out of the back of the boat and had this to say:

"After I won the first one, I thought I had used all my luck up,"- April 30, 2005.  
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There’s no denying the fact that Thrift is one of the most naturally talented tournament anglers to ever pick up a rod and reel, and this collection of post-tournament quotes shows that his ability to fish with an open mind and make key decisions at critical moments is on another level.