Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 06/15/2018

Moore, OK - The BASS ZONE’S  1 ON 1 LIVE Challenge takes place on Wednesday, June 20th at 9:00 AM CST featuring Missouri’s James Watson and Texas’ Jeff Sprague.    

The FLW Tour pros will fish out of separate boats and go head-to-head on Table Rock Lake in Missouri with a LIVE camera in each boat capturing all the action.   The competition will feature two hour-and-a-half long halves with a 15 minute halftime break.

When James Watson visited the BASS TALK LIVE and The BASS ZONE headquarters last month, he issued an open $5,000 challenge on  to any angler willing to take him on.  Sprague, who has fished the FLW Tour since 2014 and qualified for two Forrest Wood Cups, accepted the challenge. 

Each angler will catch as many pounds of bass he can (1-pound bass and larger count), and the angler with the highest total weight at the end of the three hours will be crowned the 1 ON 1 LIVE Challenge champion and claim the 5,000 prize.   

“It’s pretty awesome that I get to fish against another fellow veteran,” said Watson, who served almost nine years of active duty in the Army as an Engineer NCO.  “I think that it’s freaking awesome that he would step up and take this challenge.  It just shows what kind of gonads that Jeff Sprague has.  I personally respect his fishing more than anyone else out there on the professional tour.  This guy can flat out catch their butts everywhere he goes.   Jeff Sprague is a fearless angler.” 

Despite the fact that Watson (who lives in Lampe, Missouri) will have the obvious homefield advantage in the battle, Sprague isn’t backing down. 

“I took this challenge under the condition that I’d have the opportunity for a rematch against James (Watson) later this year on Lake Fork, which is in my back yard,” he explained.  “I just couldn’t turn down the chance to beat him on his home water and then beat him again on my home water with everyone watching it go down live.”   

Sprague has limited experience on Table Rock Lake, fishing it only one time before in an FLW Costa Series Championship.  Watson has three Top 10 finishes with FLW on Table Rock and also has a Bassmaster Open win on the fishery in 2015. 

“I’m going to say that 30 pounds of bass will have a shot to get the job done,” stated Watson. “There’s a lot of fat Kentucky bass to be caught right now, but there will also be a few big ones put on the scales.  I think that the deeper bite will play, especially with the 9:00am start time.”    

Aside from the opportunity to take Watson’s $5,000, Sprague said that he’s looking forward to fishing in a high stress environment with a live camera rolling.  “Once I saw the format in the earlier matchups, I knew that I wanted to be involved,” he explained.  “This format really highlights how success in tournament bass fishing really comes down to making decisions on the fly when you’re feeling the pressure.”

You can watch the Sprague vs. Watson 1 ON 1 LIVE Challenge on Wednesday June 20th beginning at 9:00am CST on