Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 03/30/2018

Story by Matt Pangrac - Photos by Dave Rush - Rowland photo courtesy of FLW Communicaitons

Moore, OK - With April Fools' Day just a few days away, Tommy Biffle tells The BASS ZONE about three of the best practical jokes he has been a part of over his years on the tournament trail:   

Zell’s Surprise
“Well, we put an alligator in Zell (Rowland’s) bathtub one time.    “We were down there fishing in Florida and we didn’t know back then that you weren’t supposed to mess with those gators.  Someone had one that was about 3-foot long, so we talked Zell’s wife into letting us put the thing in the bathtub in their room and then we closed the shower curtains.  

“We all kind of waited around there until Zell said that he was going to go clean up so we all kind of just followed him in real quiet like.  He went in that bathroom and turned the water on in the shower without looking, I guess.  When he opened the shower curtain and went to step into the shower that alligator started hissing and Zell started screaming and hollering.  

“It turned out that he ended up getting madder at his wife than he did us because she was the one that let us put that thing in in the tub.

“Yea…that was a pretty funny one.”  

Is That Your Boat?  
“Zell got back at me for the alligator though, because he pulled off a pretty good one on me one time when we were fishing a tournament on Lake Murray.  

“Zell had some buddies there that I didn’t know, and the evening before the tournament they snuck around my boat and pulled the cover halfway back and just kind of propped open the lid to my rod box.  

“I was just minding my own business taking a shower in my hotel room when someone started pounding on the door.   It was a really loud knock, so I real quick tried to dry off and just put my underwear on and kind of cracked open the door to see who it was and what they wanted.  

“Some guy that I didn’t know was like, ‘Hey, is that your boat?’  I looked out, saw the cover pulled halfway off and the rod box open and I was like, ‘Yea, it is.  What the hell is going on?”  That guy told me that someone had just stole every rod out of my boat and was running across the parking lot with them.  

“I burst through that door in just my underwear and started running across the parking lot trying to catch him.  I got about 10 steps outside and all of the sudden I hear a bunch of the guys who were hiding behind their boats and trucks laughing at me.  

“Zell stepped out from behind his truck and was like, “What are you doing out here in the middle of the parking lot in your underwear, Tommy?”  

Lizard In the Bed
“I got Paul Elias one time really good when we were fishing down in Mexico.   There were lizards and stuff  running around the outside of the rooms we were staying in, and one of the first nights we were there one of the other guys found a lizard in his suitcase and was telling everyone about it.

“I was rooming with Paul, and after that guy found the live lizard in his suitcase Paul would pull back the covers every single night and check his bed to make sure there nothing had crawled in there during the day.  

“I had brought a great big soft plastic lizard to fish with for those big Mexican bass, and I got the idea to put that thing under Paul’s covers at the foot of his bed.   I put that lizard in there when Paul wasn’t in the room and that night he didn’t check his covers good enough.

“I was laying there in the next bed trying to act like I was going to sleep, and Paul climbed into bed and got all comfy.  I was just laying there….waiting for it.  

“After a couple minutes, I guess his foot brushed up against that plastic lizard and all hell broke loose.  He jumped straight out of that bed and he could hardly talk he was so scared.   I thought that I’d given the guy a heart attack...but it was funny stuff.”