Posted by Z3 MEDIA STAFF on 05/29/2018

Moore, OK - The BASS ZONE’S next installment of 1 ON 1 LIVE takes place on Wednesday, May 30th at 10:00 AM CST featuring Oklahoma’s Jeff Kriet and Arkansas’ Mike McClelland.  

The Elite Series pros will fish out of separate boats and go head-to-head on a small body of water in Oklahoma with a LIVE camera in each boat capturing all the action.   The competition will feature two hour-and-a-half long halves with a 15 minute halftime break.  

This 1 ON 1 LIVE, which is presented by Big Bite Baits, marks the first time that the two longtime friends will go head-to-head in a tournament format.  

“The whole thing about it is that we’ve spent quite a bit of time over the years in the boat with one another just fishing,” said McClelland. “It’s always a competition.  Kriet and I are great friends, but that’s just in our nature.  When the whistle sounds and the game starts, nobody is going to let up because you don’t want to get beat, even by your best buddy…that’s all there is to it.”

On Tuesday’s BASS TALK LIVE (BTL) show, McClelland upped the ante and called out Kriet by throwing down $1,000 on the match.  

“Whatever he’s big enough to put up, I’m big enough to match,” responded Kriet.  “I’ll have to go by the bank, but I’m down.  Let’s do it.”  

The fishery has been off limits to both anglers, so Kriet is anxious to see what things look like on Wednesday morning.  “The unknown will be what the vegetation is doing,” he explained.  “I haven’t been out there in a long time, but there’s going to be some sort of vegetation.  We could be punching matted vegetation, fishing cheese, or fishing moving baits through stuff.  The key will be figuring out how to catch them out of the vegetation in a short amount of time.”  

Each angler will catch as many pounds of bass he can (1-pound bass and larger count), and the angler with the highest total weight at the end of the three hours will be crowned the 1 ON 1 LIVE champion and claim the $1,000 prize.   

Both McClelland and Kriet will know the score in real time, and will be alerted each time the other catches a keeper.  “It’s cool to be able to know, because there are so many things about knowing what the score is when you’re competing that our sport has missed,” explained McClelland.  “On the Elite Series there are times when you really don’t know where you are in relationship to the rest of the field – it changes the way that you fish.  I like knowing what the other guy has.”  

“Don’t think that if I go one direction and Mike goes the other direction and starts lighting it up that I won’t head that way,” said Kriet.  “The lake is unique in the fact that one area can get really hot and the next time you go out there it’s happening somewhere else.  It should be a full contact day…. put on your safety gear and get after it.  

“If it ends up being a grass flipping deal, I’m going to smoke him,” continued Kriet.  “If it’s a deal where Mike can catch them winding different baits, it’ll be a little tougher on me and I’ll have to adjust.  I generally figure things out faster than Mike, but Mike is a very good closer.  I’ve been known to start out fast out of the gates and peter out during the race.”

Both Kriet and McClelland appeared on BASS TALK LIVE (BTL) on Tuesday, the day prior to the showdown.  Check out some of the highlights: